Tom's Guide: 15 Awesome Utility Apps for Android

The internet has made learning about topics like DIY and first aid vastly more accessible. However, as handy as it is, you're not always at your computer when you need access to such information. A few choice smartphone apps are what you need in those situations. Whether you're looking for basic first aid advice, currency conversion or a spirit level to hang a picture, the Tom's Guide team has got you covered with its list of utility apps for Android. Be sure to check out '15 Awesome Utility Apps for Android' for the full list.

Many Android devices already come with loads of apps pre-installed. These range from the incredibly useful, to downright frustrating crapware. Still, there loads more useful, practical apps out there that you can install on your Android device for added versatility and utility. Measurement tools and construction calculators for the DIY minded, apps for adding flashlight functionality to your 'droid, first aid manuals, barcode scanners and more. Here are a bunch of utility apps, ranging from the simple to the esoteric, that should help you get more practical utility out of your Android smartphone or tablet.15 Awesome Utility Apps for Android

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