VIA Announces New Mini-ITX 2.0

VIA today announced an new standard for Mini-ITX boards with which it endeavours to ensure an “optimized multimedia and computing experience” in SFF PCs.

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Processorx86 processor (for example the the VIA Nano processor)
Memorysupport for minimum 2GB DDR2 SDRAM
GraphicsDirectX 9.0 integrated (IGP); DirectX 10 through an add-in card
DisplayVGA port for LCD display and 1 HDMI port on add-in card
HD Audio3 jacks for up to 6-channel surround sound
Broadband Connectivity1 Gigabit LAN port
Storage2 Serial ATA II slots + 1 IDE (PATA) slot
Peripheral ConnectivityMinimum 4 USB ports
Expansion1 PCI Express 16-lane slot
Size17cm x 17cm

VIA says that this next generation of Mini-ITX boards aims to encourage the integration of the latest PC technologies into an SFF market and at the same time provide OEMs and end users more options when configuring mini-PCs or media centres at home. VIA says it’s also working with the likes of NVIDIA, to drive innovation and increase the freedom of choice around the Mini-ITX 2.0 standard.

Timothy Chen, Special Assistant to the President of VIA says that the introduction of the Mini-ITX 2.0 paves the way for a new generation of high performance systems dedicated to delivering the best possible experience.

“With the Mini-ITX, VIA set the de facto standard for small form factor x86 platform integration, triggering industry-wide innovation in mini PC systems. Through the introduction of Mini-ITX 2.0, we are defining the mini PC platform of the future, paving the way for the emergence of a new generation of high performance systems that deliver an optimized experience in today’s increasingly media rich environment.”