Vizio Intros New Touch-Based Windows 8 AIOs, Ultrabooks

Vizio announced on Friday the upcoming launch of its spring 2013 lineup of Windows 8-based All-in-One PCs and Thin + Light notebooks. Select models are now available for pre-order through Vizio's online store and from Microsoft's online store as well, with prices ranging from $1089.99 to $1549.99. All models are equipped with 10-finger capacitive touch displays, bringing a true Windows 8 experience right to your fingertips.

"To help Vizio PC users unlock the ideal interactive Windows 8 experience, we have integrated touchscreen functionality across our entire spring PC line-up," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, Vizio.  “With the launch of the new Touch PCs, we look forward to delivering enhanced performance and entertainment options to new Vizio consumers."

According to Vizio, there will be seven models offered this spring: two 14-inch Touch Thin + Light notebooks, two 15.6-inch Touch Thin + Light models, two 24-inch Touch All-in-One PCs, and a 27-inch Touch All-in-One PC. All three groups feature one model with an AMD A10 quad-core APU and one with an Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU whereas the sole 27-inch AIO will pack the Intel Core i7 CPU.

On one hand, this spring spread should be good news for Microsoft, as it needs more touch-based solutions on the market to push its updated Windows platform. But the prices are still somewhat hefty and may turn mainstream consumers off. That price scare likely won't change until touch screen prices drop to a reasonable level and Microsoft eases up on the Windows 8 licensing fees.

Vizio states that the AMD models are focused on serious multi-taskers and gamers, delivering "strikingly rich" visuals and an immersive gaming experience. The Intel models with Intel Boost Technology focus on high-performance. That said, the AMD models are significantly cheaper than their Intel based counterparts, and could prove more popular for those looking for touch-based value.

Now here's a shocker: each model will come packed with 802.11ac wireless connectivity, making Vizio one of the first OEMs to use the new standard in its desktops and laptops. That means they're dual band was well, supporting up to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and up to 867 Mbps on the 5.0 GHz channel. All you'll need is a compatible router which is sold by D-Link, Belkin, Linksys and others.

"Vizio continues to leverage its HDTV background with brilliant picture quality, high contrast and wider viewing angles, a staple of the Touch PCs," the company said. "An expertly-tuned SRS Premium Sound HD™ audio system, a DTS technology, delivers rich audio quality, complementing superior visuals with deep, resonant sound to get the most out of music, movies, games and more."

Here's a list of prices, categorized by their processor:

14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0)         $1,089.99 MSRP - AMD A10 APU
15.6-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B0)      $1,189.99 MSRP - AMD A10 APU
24-inch Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B0)            $1,279.99 MSRP - AMD A10 APU

Intel Core i7 CPU
14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B1)         $1,419.99 MSRP - Intel Core i7
15.6-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B1)      $1,469.99 MSRP - Intel Core i7
24-inch Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B1)            $1,439.99 MSRP - Intel Core i7
27-inch Touch All-in-One (CA27T-B1)            $1,549.99 MSRP - Intel Core i7

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  • I stopped reading after Windows 8...
  • nuilop
    soldier2013I stopped reading after Windows 8...
    Don't stop reading just because Windows 8 released...
  • g00fysmiley
    intrested in tabs with actual i5 or i7... but spending that much on anything by vizio... negative, i hav enot yet been happy with a vizio purchase nor known anybody who has bought somethign by them that worked 100% either a tv will only somtimes work with the remote or a tablet that the touchscreen somtimes doesn't register touches... they just seem to not make quality products. these look nice but premium price for non premium brand
  • g-unit1111
    Now you can play Angry Birds on a 27" screen! :ange:
  • janetonly42
    Bah, for those prices with Winblows 8 on them I would buy a Mac any day.
  • DAE hate windows 8?

    Stop this BS guys, at least they included touch screens so you can make proper use of it. It's just a different UI, stop acting like it's the end of the world. If you hate windows that much, switch to linux. The only reason I still have windows is for gaming.

    I'm quite interested in these laptops though. An a10 would provide good graphical horsepower and decent CPU power with a relatively low TDP. Combine that with a good battery and a thin laptop, you got yourself a good gaming ultrabook.
  • cknobman
    The windows 8 whiners will never quit.

    14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) $1,089.99 MSRP - AMD A10 APU

    If the screen is 1600x900 or higher I just might be interested in this. But for the price I really am expecting a full 1080P.
  • GreaseMonkey_62
    I was just looking at these on Vizio's website. If I had the money the 15.6" Thin and Light with the A10 is pretty nice. 8 gigs of RAM and AMD's APU instead of underwhelming Intel graphics. That's a pretty good price with a touch screen. I'd take one.