Windows 8 Sales 'Well Below' Projections For Microsoft

Paul Thurrott, a technology blogger and Microsoft insider, has said that Windows 8 PC sales have fallen 'well below' Microsoft's expectations.

"Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft's internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing," he claimed. The reason he suggested is "Lackluster PC maker designs and availability."

He also refers to Windows 8 being "confusing" due to its mix of touch and a Windows 7 desktop. The simultaneous release of Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT also caused issues, apparently. While Windows 8 Pro can run older Windows software, Windows RT is unable to do so, which "doesn't make a lick of sense."

Roger Kay, principal analyst at EndPoint Technologies, agreed with Thurrott. "The split between the Windows 8 Pro and RT versions makes the positioning of Windows 8 difficult. The new touch interface is really fantastic for the high-mobility market, like tablets. But turn the whole world upside down for a few tablets?" he told CNET.

Another palpable reason pertaining to lackluster Windows 8 sales is that consumers simply aren't interested in Microsoft's latest operating system, with PC component suppliers suggesting that it'll pick up steam during 2013. Elsewhere, according to a survey, more than half of consumers haven't heard of Windows 8.

Despite the apparent lack of buzz surrounding the OS, as well as a $1.5 billion investment in advertising and marketingfour million units were sold in its first three days of availability.

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  • killerclick
    Hello and welcome to last week.
  • Make default start screen the desktop. Re-add the start menu. Allow the metro UI be a addition if wanted such as widgets. Work on drivers and fail updates. All my issues solved.
  • bystander
    Do they really not understand this:
    While Windows 8 Pro can run older Windows software, Windows RT is unable to do so, which "doesn't make a lick of sense."

    You can't expect ARM CPU's to be able to run old x86 CPU software. Though .NET and web based stuff will work on both, as soon as you load a program that accesses architecture specific commands, you can't expect it to work on both. I might expect this ignorance from the average home user, but not from a tech guy.
  • Gotta laugh at this : "The reason he suggested is "Lackluster PC maker designs and availability."

    No, maybe it's not selling well because you have basically abandoned the entire PC market with this new design, and we are voting with our wallets!
  • weierstrass
    Microsoft was probably the only one expecting Win 8 to sell well. What is Win 8 beside Win 7 + a live tile application?
  • wiyosaya
    And it took Micro$oft rocket scientists to figure out that sales are well below projections. :)

    Maybe Micro$oft will find a way to pull its head out of from where the sun doesn't shine.
  • aoneone
    ahahahaha see? I told you windows 8 would tank! ^_^
  • Wamphryi
    I want to see the return of Aero as well. Even the most budget GPU's can drive Aero and the look of Win 8 and Office 13 is so bland.
  • nforce4max
    To many issues and people are starting to look at Win 8 as the next "Vista" plus the UI sucks! Then there is the bios issue that some have been talking about then there is the well known driver bugs. I wouldn't use it even if it were for free. Even Millennium Edition might be viewed as a better os lol, win 8 is that bad at this time.
  • bliq
    ACtually I bought Windows 8 and really like it. Impulse purchase at $40 to replace a Windows 7 OS that I actually really loved- first Windows that I installed once at launch and never had to reinstall. It just worked. I like the tile interface. all the stuff I want to see in one place. I also played around with a windows surface tablet. pretty nice. If it was more like $300, I'd be tempted. But at $500, you just can't ignore apple's ecosystem. And I'm not really a windows guy but you have to give props where it's deserved.