More Than Half of Consumers Haven't Heard of Windows 8

A survey has found that more than half of consumers have not even heard of Microsoft's just-released Windows 8 operating system.

1,200 U.S. adults took part in the survey conducted by Associated Press and market researcher GfK, which found that 52 percent of participants had not heard of Windows 8. 61 percent had "little or no interest" in purchasing either a new desktop or laptop equipped with the operating system.

35 percent of respondents believe Microsoft's latest OS will be an improvement from the operating system's predecessors.

Despite pre-order demand showcasing the potential commercial muscle of Microsoft tablet Surface, 69 percent of respondents stated that they have no interest in buying the tablet.

Microsoft is spending an accumulative of $1.5 billion on advertising its latest OS, while the firm is also offering free Wi-Fi in certain U.S. states.

Meanwhile, PC component suppliers are said to be worried over the fact that consumers won't be interested in Windows 8 until 2013.


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  • CaedenV
    to be fair, lets keep things in perspective. 1/2 of the customers at my work think that win7 came out 'years before windows XP' and that they want something at least as new as XP on it. *facepalm*

    Seriously... people are dumb and uninformed. How many people have you ever helped to fix something and your first question is "What operating system are you running" and the only answer you can squeeze out of them is "I think it's windows".
  • dark_wizzie
    I asked my friend, he said his OS is "2011". "Word 2012". Yeah......
  • deepblue08
    In other news: A survey showed that more than half of consumers cannot differentiate between a toaster and a laptop.