Toshiba, Samsung and Lenovo Leading Windows on ARM

Microsoft has reportedly instructed Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments -- the three major ARM-based SoC manufacturers -- to pick two tablet/notebooks partners for developing Windows on ARM projects. These partners will consist of one major partner and one minor partner, the latter investing less on technical resources than the former.

According to unnamed sources from the upstream supply chain, Nvidia has chosen Lenovo as its Windows on ARM primary partner and Acer as its secondary partner while leaving Asus -- the largest client of Nvidia's Tegra series during 2011 -- out in the cold. Qualcomm has selected Samsung Electronics and Sony as its primary and secondary, and Texas Instruments has selected Toshiba and Samsung respectively.

On Monday the sources claimed that both Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are clamoring over Samsung because of the Korean company's strengths in component manufacturing and a leading position in both the non-Apple PC and smartphone sectors. Meanwhile, Nvidia has has reportedly selected Lenovo because of its strong ties with the Chinese market.

As reported earlier, Windows on ARM tablets aren't expected to hit the market until mid-2013. That should give upstream ODMs Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics, Wistron and Pegatron Technology plenty of time to develop competing products.

  • NapoleonDK
    The stage is set, sides have been taken, the battle will soon begin. Can't wait to see them duke it out in the ring in 2013. ;)
  • nieur
    please stop using that picture of steve ballmer again and again
  • joytech22
    I saw a Windows 7 tablet the other day with an i5 @ 1.6GHz from Samsung /w 128GB SSD, 2GB RAM, but sadly the TERRIBLE and I mean it too.. TERRIBLE Intel IGP (HD4000).. Which has FPS issues in the Windows 7 chess game..

    Still it was amazing imho.

    I really hope Nvidia's Kal-El performs on a similar level with Windows 8, because what I saw from that Samsung tablet is exactly the kind of experience I want from a device like that.
  • dasper
    Microsoft has instructed Nvidia, Quaslcomm and Texas Instruments to choose two partners for Windows on ARM products.
    Quaslcomm feels like a name I have not heard in a long time, if not ever.
  • de5_Roy
    lol @ ballmer's 'winning!' pic.
  • _Cubase_
    nieurplease stop using that picture of steve ballmer again and again
    Hahaha I agree. And putting his image inside different device screens does not count!
  • saturnus
    dasperQuaslcomm feels like a name I have not heard in a long time, if not ever.
    Maybe their highly popular SNAPDRAGON series of SoCs rings a bell.
  • samwelaye
    saturnus hes making fun of the typo in qualcomm
  • jjmch
    I heard Microsoft has two programs. The first is a chip vendor has to choose 2 OEMs and Microsoft promises some supports. The other is a chip vendor chooses as many OEMs as it wants but Microsoft promises little supports. Asus must work with one of the three vendors under the later program.
  • Device Unknown
    umm, maybe this article is more true than we thought!
    This article outlines basically how ARM is taking over and pushing x86 out the door.