Microsoft Uses Old Spice Man for Win Phone 7 Ads

When Windows Phone 7 launched earlier this week, Microsoft released a couple of commercials to promote the OS. However, though the ads were aesthetically pleasing, a lot of people were confused by their message. Why would Microsoft want to promote not using your phone in an commercial for its new phones?

Well, here's something less confusing: The always enthusiastic crowd pleaser Old Spice Man. Former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa is apparently heading to Australia with Microsoft to promote Windows Phone 7. We say Isaiah is going, but it seems like he's taking a little of Old Spice Man's egotistical charm with him.

Seen here on this beautiful beach is Mustafa, AKA Old Spice Man, promoting something other than Old Spice. Officially, he's doing the spot as Isaiah Mustafa, but it's impossible to mistake the swagger and ridiculous confidence of Old Spice Man, which has seeped in there. Mustafa likely made sure he was contractually allowed to work with other companies before agreeing to help Microsoft out but this still feels like a cheap rip off of the Old Spice ads.

Check the ad below and let us know what you think!

Source: YouTube via Engadget

  • blazeorangeman
  • jerreece
    He doesn't look as impressive as the Old Spice commercial. Did Old Spice do more touch up on the video? LOL This seems low budget.
  • liveonc
    He say "Window" once. No phone, not a single visible "Window", it's corny but not annoying enough to stick. So does MS want people to spread the word for them? As I didn't even know Mr.Old Spice was Mr. Old Spice before he said he was, & "Window" (twinkle/cling) wasn't even any of the standard Windows sounds used.
  • xyster
    seemed low budget. sad & unfortunate.
  • A huge part of what made the Old Spice ads great was the whole seamless change of, and interactions with the scenery. It was also Very flirty and entertaining in its over-the-top-ness whereas this ad is too static and subtle to work the same way...
  • jojesa
    what's the video about?
  • bison88
    Fact: This man is the definition of handsome.
  • belardo
    I'm on a Horse

  • bin1127
    Wow, great commercial! makes me want to buy Old Spice.
  • nicodemus_mm

    That is all.