Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Rewards Program

Microsoft's Major Nelson has announced the availability of an Xbox Live rewards program for users in the U.S. and UK. The program allows anyone with an XBL account to earn points for normal, everyday XBL activities, such as playing games or watching movies. Owners of XBL Gold subscriptions can earn 200 points for renewing their subscription, while users can earn 100 more for using Netflix. These points can then be used to purchase goods from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Check out the table below for a full breakdown of how many points are awarded for different activities.

Source: Major Nelson, Joystiq

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  • bustapr
    last week I had 50 bucks to spend, I figured id renew xbox live, then I looked at steam, and they only had borderlands $10, L4D2 7.50, CS:S $5, batman $10, and indie packs for $5 each... you can guess where all of it went...
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  • jaysbob
    of course they decide to roll this out the month AFTER I renewed my 12month subscription.
  • decembermouse
    Cool prizes?!? NO WAY!!!
  • tacoslave
    200 points what is that like half a game?