LG, Microsoft Team Up to Market 3D TVs & Games

Engadget cites a translated Korean press release that seems to suggest that Microsoft and LG have struck up an agreement in which customers purchasing LG's 55/47LX9500 tellies will receive a bundle of 3D-capable games for the Xbox 360.

"Microsoft Korea is a worldwide leader in the consumer electronics sector," said Alan Bowman, Vice President of Microsoft's Asia Pacific Division, adding that the agreement provides a meaningful opportunity to improve the company and its ability to entertain customers. Bowman said the agreement 'plans to spread across the region.'

Neither Bowman (pictured above with an LG exec) nor the press release drop any hints as to whether or not we'll see new hardware but according to Engadget, the two companies will start selling the 3D bundles at the end of June.

Check out the release here.

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  • Anonymous
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you only get the games and no console?
    What If I don't have a Xbox 360?
    Well, I guess thats what Ebay is for.
  • Userremoved
    This just not gonna work they need a new console for it to do 3D.
  • joytech22
    johnh2005I am sorry... I just have to...But can it play Crys.../rofl

    Yeah funny guy.. Except it can (Crysis 2 is in development for BOTH powerful consoles)