Xbox 360 GPU Hits 65nm With "Jasper"

A new Xbox 360 motherboard configuration was found this past week by a reader on the Xbox-Scene forums. This new motherboard, code named "Jasper" contains the fabled 65nm GPU among other improvements.

Since the Xbox 360 launched in November 2005, it has been plagued by an unusually high hardware failure rate. This has been contributed to the GPU chip warping away from the motherboard and causing the now infamous Red Ring of Death (RRoD). Speculations to the actual failure rates have been anywhere between 16 percent to 33 percent; however, the official statements from Microsoft has been that repairs are at "a higher rate than we are satisfied with." In July of 2007, Peter Moore, then the Corporate VP for Microsoft’s Xbox division confirmed the extension of the Xbox 360’s manufacturer’s warranty for the Red Ring errors to three years.

Since its launch, the Xbox 360 has had four different motherboard revisions. While some motherboard revisions were limited to larger heatsinks, the addition of an HDMI port, or the shrink in CPU die size, this latest Jasper revision marks the first shrink in die size for the ATI GPU. The GPU size has been decreased from 90nm to 65nm while an additional 256 MB of on-board flash memory has also been integrated. According to Microsoft, 128 MB is needed for the installation of the New Xbox Experience, which means the integrated flash memory will be able to handle its installation natively without the need for additional storage peripherals. The power supply has also been reduced in power consumption from a previous 175W to a new 150W model and as a safety precaution, the new power supply is equipped with a different connector than the 175W model; backwards compatibility is not supported.

Only time will tell if the decreased GPU size will solve the heat problems that have plagued the system since launch. If you are interested in hunting for a new "Jasper" model, comments on Xbox-Scene points to a Lot number of 843X with a manufacturing date of 10-23-2008. The easiest way to identify the new motherboard is by the wattage identification on the power supply unit which should clearly state the new 150W specification.

  • aracheb
    halleluya finally i will think on buying an xbox 360
  • Pei-chen
    Will ATI solve the GPU overheat problem on the PC?
  • cushgod
    ROFL Pei0chen. good point..
  • computerninja7823
    wow pei-chen thats funny!
  • i just bought an elite, wonder if i will be getting this one.
  • ckthecerealkiller
    If you ask me Microcrap should never have had these problems. With a failure rate as high as 30 percent!! So what that means they built 2 or 4 prototypes and crapped out the leftovers. I give them some credit for what they have done with the additional features, the biggest being the achievements system. But that still doesn't make up for bad media decisions and poor testing. You can fix your OS with a SP 100 times over but this is completly unacceptable for a console.
  • tipoo
    mizousei just bought an elite, wonder if i will be getting this one.
    i think that only the Arcade (no HDD) versions are getting the jasper motherboard currently. however, you probably got a Falcon Mobo, which is 65nm CPU 90nm GPU.
  • hellwig
    I hope no one is intentionally replacing a working XBox with one of these. MS doesn't need more money.

    Microsoft should have planned this release a little better so they could pull all the older, still defective models from the shelves and stock the new models. I guess with record Black-Friday sales, they probably just sold-out the last of their 90nm stock. But in the end, they'll still have to replace 30% of those.

    Oh, and what's up with on-board flash? I don't own a 360, but doesn't on-board flash, memory cards, and an optional HDD get messy?
  • vincent67
    But doesn't XBox hardware look ridiculous compare to any PC with for example a simple Radeon 4870?

    And since the XBox doesn't have BlueRay or the Wiimote controller,
    this move doesn't really make it more attractive to my eyes.
  • squatchman
    You realize you can buy a 360 for the price of that 4870. Good luck playing games with just a video card.