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Zowie Gear Launches the Camade Cable Management Device

Peripheral manufacturer Zowie Gear has launched the Camade cable management device for users who experience inconveniences with their mouse cable, whether due to to "space constraints, caught cable or cable entanglement".

Additionally, the Camade's adjustable spring design allows users to choose a comfortable height and the device is equipped with a rubber clip that will fit a wide range of mouse cables.

The Zowie Gear Camade will be available in May 2013 in three different colours with a MSRP of €24.99 / $24.99 (not including sales tax). Personally, we're more inclined to opt for the "cheaper-than-chips" office binder clip for our cable management needs and can recommend this assorted box of 30 OfficeMate OIC binder clips which costs just $7.77 with free shipping.

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