Former TSMC Exec Now Head of Acer

Acer announced on Monday that former TSMC executive Jason Chen will take the role of Corporate President and CEO of Acer starting January 1, 2014. He will replace current CEO JT Wang who revealed in early November that he would step down from his position. Corporate President Jim Wong was slated to take Wang's place, but he resigned as well.

According to Acer, Jason Chen began working at TSMC in 2005 as vice president of TSMC Corporate Development. By 2008, he became the company's senior vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. Prior to TSMC, he served at Intel for 14 years, moving from sales manager of Taiwan to vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific region to his current position.

Before joining Intel, Chen worked at IBM Taiwan from 1988 to 1991.

"Jason is an excellent manager with extensive management experience and proven execution capability," says Acer Chairman Stan Shih. "Acer's search committee met with him on several occasions for in-depth dialogue and exchange of views. We consider him to be the ideal executive to lead our transformation with his wealth of new thinking, international perspective, and willingness to face this challenge. Moreover, he shares the consensus on our strategy and development for Acer's future."

Acer said that Shih will reportedly continue to serve as Chairman of Acer and Chairman of the Transformation Committee. Chen will become a member of the committee and work with Shih to "review the change initiatives, and enhance communication and processes between the Board and the management team."

Based on the announcement, Acer plans to keep the CEO position. Previously, Acer's Board decided to terminate that specific role, and would instead place the former CEO duties on the Chairman or President in order to boost the company's decision making efficiency.

Acer announced late last month that despite their resignations, both J.T. Wang and Jim Wong have committed to remain with Acer as advisors to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of the management team and to help the company back to stability.

  • emad_ramlawi
    why do they have to wait till the ship sinks till they make fundamental changes ...

    reminds me of my country" Jordan", the country have to decay and rot for the people to rise, heaven forbid we do changes and movements prior, but then again if we do that well end up like Syria, its just zeros and ones here, no middle.

  • vaughn2k
    Good thing they got Chen. I know him from Intel, and he is one of a kind Leader. It's about time and I hope Chen will lead Acer to a better company and compete again.