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Convert Your DRAM into RGB Lightsticks, if You Dare

Addressable RGB RAM heatsinks. Yep, that’s the latest announcement from Akasa. Have you ever felt that your system was just a little too dull? That it just needed a bit more pep inside of it to bring it up to date? But didn’t want to spend the extra cash on a new set of DDR4 to do so? Well Akasa’s got your back with it’s latest Vegas RAM Mate RGB heatsinks. 

These aren’t just dummy dimms you install into your motherboard to pad out a dual channel two stick kit, no sir, these bad boys are full on replacements for the heatsinks found on your memory.

Supporting standard height and VLP sized DIMMs (30mm, or 18.3-18.7mm in height respectively), these slabs of illuminated alloy provide what we’re told is a “high-grade aluminium heatsink cooling vest”.

This can be plugged in via either a standard 4-pin, or addressable 3 pin header, and of course, it’s compatible with your choice of proprietary motherboard lighting sync software from the likes of ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, as well.

Each heatsink comes with the heatsink housing (comprised of three separate parts), two thermal pads, a small screwdriver, and an RGB cable for each heatsink you install. All of which is compatible with DDR4, 3, 2 and even DDR memory sticks if you so desire.

Fool Proof?

We can spot a few problems with this idea, and the big one is removing your stock heatsinks. From personal experience, it’s far too easy to kill off memory sticks, or ripping off a chip, if you’re not careful enough. Sometimes a heatgun, and careful use of screwdrivers just isn’t enough to pull off those husky aluminum clad panels from your old sticks, so actively suggesting we replace them seems a bit well, risky to us.

On top of all that, it’s another cable that needs plugging in, and one for each stick at that. In systems that are already awash with all those different cables for different RGB devices, it’s a hard sell for us.

No word on availability or pricing just yet.