Alienware announces two new workstation models

Alienware has announced two new workstations based on dual-core AMD and Intel processors. The new MJ-12 7500a and 7500i workstations integrate a choice of AMD and Intel processors, respectively. Both models have two 16-lane PCI Express slots and offer buyers to include ATI FireGL or Nvidia Quadro graphics cards in their system. The ATI option tops out with a FireGL V7100 PCI-E card with 256 MB of memory, while Nvidia fans can get dual NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 cards with 512 MB GDDR3 memory each.

The workstations ring up just under $10,000 when fully configured and, like many other workstations, can be configured with RAID 0 and 1 for up to 2 TB of internal storage. AThere is also an "acoustic dampening" upgrade, which can reduce noise by up to 40%, according to Alienware.