Alphacool Launches NexXxoS X-Flow Radiator Series

Alphacool, a manufacturer of water cooling components known for providing its customers with all the options they could ever need, announced an all new lineup of radiators. Alphacool now offers even more choices for water cooling fans with the NexXxos X-Flow radiator line.

Typical water cooling radiators feature a U-shaped channel inside that directs the flow around the outside of the radiator. The inlet and outlet are at the same end of the radiator, just on opposing sides. With an X-Flow (cross-flow) radiator, the inlet and outlet are on opposing ends. Alphacool said this characteristic provides very little resistance, ensuring high-flow rates through X-Flow radiators.

Alphacool said the X-Flow radiators offer great benefit for vertically mounted radiators, too. With the inlet situated at the bottom and outlet at the top, the radiator naturally forces air bubbles out, making the bleeding process hassle free. The fitting placement also helps when you need to drain your loop.

Alphacool has 12 different X-Flow models available. The radiators are offered in three thicknesses (30 mm ST30, 45 mm ST45 and 60 mm UT60), and there four sizes for each thickness (120, 240, 360 and 480 mm). The ST30 radiators feature four G1/4 threads for fittings, but the thicker versions offer extra ports on the ends that can be used for different fitting configurations.

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  • eklipz330
    For all the xXxaZNxXx homies out there
  • DongleKin
    For all the xXxaZNxXx homies out there

    And Vin Diesel's radiator of choice.
  • dgingeri
    Very smart. I like it.
  • f-14
    the optional porting is nice. would like it a whole lot more if it had 5.25 drive bay mounting or came with a centrifuge fan to take advantage of under utilized space or better still 2 independent radiators in one block for connecting multiple graphics cards or one for cpu and the other for the graphics card.

    just a generic copy and paste with one extra feature isn't worth it unless it's absolutely necessary to complete a specific build.
  • kyle382
    Never have I had a problem with radiator flow restriction. This feels like water cooling RAM...yeah I guess its cool, but also totally unnecessary lol.