AltspaceVR Releases Home Theater Environment For Small Group Gatherings

AltspaceVR is a virtual reality meeting place where discussions, meetings, training sessions and even group movies can be hosted. These gatherings take place in a virtual room, and attendees access the space using a virtual reality headset such as an Oculus Rift DK2 or a Samsung Gear VR. AltspaceVR offers a small variety of different room settings, and the most recent one is meant for smaller, less formal gatherings.

AltspaceVR's newest virtual environment is modeled after the home theater you would find in the mansion of your dreams. It features a large screen and staggered standing space so everyone has a clear view. AltspaceVR said this environment is meant for group movie and gaming events, rather than a training or formal meeting room.

The home theater room is available now to anyone with a free AltspaceVR account. The company is hosting its own movie night this evening to show off the new room later tonight; details for that can be found here.

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  • NightLight
    just a tought that entered my mind: this could in time contribute to less cars on the road. If you can see what skype did allready for meetings in the business world, image what this could do!
  • waycomp2002
    Movies have been available in virtual worlds for a long time not sure about netflix though which is cool but does everyone see the same thing. the programs movement setup seems a bit complicated but for the theater part if they added some more options for what plays that would me cool