New AMD Chipset Driver Won't Install? Here's How to Fix It

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AMD outed a new chipset driver yesterday for systems based on recently released CPU architectures, including those using AMD Ryzen 3000 chips. However, the chipset driver -- revision -- appears to be giving users some headaches. 

"This is an all-new chipset software installer with updated UI, optimized package size, package versioning unique to the chipset drivers and improved installer performance." AMD's description of the driver reads. This doesn't tell us much and is the same description as many previous chipset driver updates. The driver's release notes showed no further relevant details either. We'd appreciate AMD providing more detailed information about what gets updated between releases.

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Reddit posts show that users are experiencing issues with the new driver, which include stuck installers that leave the progress bar at 0%. Not exactly what one would call "Improved installer performance."It appears that despite this, the driver is installing in the background. 

How to Fix It 

If the usual troubleshooting, like uninstalling your current chipset driver and restarting your PC, doesn't work, a workaround for it is to install the driver through the command line by navigating to the folder and running the executable. German publication ComputerBase reported that the installer can also be closed during installation if it gets stuck. It should be properly installed as soon as you've restarted your system.

We downloaded the driver on our own system running an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X and X370 motherboard, and it installed without any problems. It did take about 30 seconds for the progress bar to advance from 0%, but once it got going we experienced no issues.

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You can download the 64-bit Windows 10 AMD chipset driver here

If you're not experiencing issues with your system though, you may want to wait for a new version of this driver prior to updating -- just to be sure.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • Makaveli
    Had to uninstall previous driver first then install this or the installer just get stuck at 0%
  • dan_L
    To help somebody more informed on this sort of issue figure out what is going wrong, I've tried installing the new chipset drivers on two very different Ryzen computers and consistently get:

    "Error 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action GetInstalledDrivers_up script error -2147024894, WshShell.RegRead: Unable t..."

    The progress bar shows 0% progress.