AMD to Launch 95 Watt FX-8300 CPU

The new CPU will run at 3.30/4.20 GHz and is able to reach the clock speed of the flagship FX-8350 (4.0/4.2 GHz). However, the new FX-8300 will only be rated at a TDP of 95 watts, versus a TDP of 125 watts for all but one other 8-core FX processors.

FX-8300 joins the FX-8100 in the 95 watt TDP spot, but promises a performance upgrade from the 8100's 3.1/3.7 GHz spec. Not surprisingly, the 8300 will be based on Piledriver cores with a total of 8 MB L2 and 8 MB L3 cache.

Xbit Labs reports that the FX-8300 will debut in Japan for 16,980 yen, or about $197. Given its performance upgrade over the 8100 into the range of the 8350, as well as its power advantage over the 8350, AMD is likely to position the CPU as a premium product and the highest price among all FX processors. The FX-8350 currently carries a tray price of $195 and street prices of about $190, which means that the FX-8300 is likely to check in at close to $200.

  • apache_lives
    lostmyclan95 watts I want. Time to sell the 3770k and move to piledriver
    ummmm you do know the i7 3770k is a 77w chip, and even the old i5 2500k stock eats those AMD's alive right?

    more positive news means there tweaking the process some more, squeezing more out of it -- a few reviews will see whether this will increase the overclock-ability or hamper it
  • machvelocy
    If it can reach the same turbo as the 8350, isn't it mean that it is just an underclocked 8350? Why more expensive then?
  • SteelCity1981
    95w sounds great but not if you have to pay a premuim for it.
  • atavanhalen
    machvelocyIf it can reach the same turbo as the 8350, isn't it mean that it is just an underclocked 8350? Why more expensive then?
    Read the article!
  • ronch79
    That's a picture of an FX-8150. I'd rather they just put the FX logo instead of it, because it makes it look like this article was put together in a hurry, or the author is too lazy to get a proper picture to put in it.
  • fuzzion
    Im still an Intel fan boy!
  • halcyon
    While I'd choose Intel right now because I'm a performance fan-boy above anything else (money goes) I'm glad to see AMD is still in there and that they're not giving up.
  • mikenygmail
    Go AMD, keep up the good with with new APU's and CPU's in PC's, laptops, tablets and everything else! :)
  • Cryio
    Better but not enough.

    AMD, step your game up!
  • crisan_tiberiu
    I dont agree with people saying that :Intel eats AMD piledriver alive", I have a 2600k and want to build another rig, and its going to be AMD (fx 4300 probably).