AMD debuts "Oakville", launches 90 nm Mobile Athlon 64 3000+

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD expands its mobile product line by adding the first Oakville chip to its low-power Mobile Athlon 64 lineup. The Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ steps up the performance of the existing 2700+ and 2800+ low power versions of the processor.

As an evolution of the product family, the 3000+ chip posts the same TDP data as its sister models (12W), but offers a bump in performance. The chip is the first version of 90 nm processors formerly code-named "Oakville". The new chip generation was announced about a month ago and marks the transition from 130 nm to 90 nm for the Mobile Athlon 64.

90nm Athlon 64 processors for desktop systems are expected to ship later this quarter, followed by 90nm Opterons later this year.

The new Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ processor comes with an activated and long-touted NX or "Enhanced Virus Protection" function which is supported by Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The processor is available now, according to AMD. Pricing is set at $241 in 1,000 unit quantities. One of the first commercial products integrating the processor will be Acer's Ferrari 3400 notebooks scheduled for release in October.

The "regular" Mobile Athlon 64 product line currently includes the versions 3400+, 3200+, 3000+, and 2800+. For the desktop replacement market (DTR), the company offers an Athlon 64 3700+ "for notebooks".