AMD Hosting Fan Day, Battlefield 4 Tournament Next Week

Next week AMD will kick off its Developer Summit 2013 from November 11 to November 13, and Tom's Hardware will be there to cover the keynotes, exclusives, and dig up any information related to the company's developer sessions (there's always a good nugget). The company also plans to host a Fan Day in San Jose on November 13 from 9 AM to 8 PM PST, aka next Wednesday, offering up prizes and the very first Battlefield 4 tournament.  

"Come join us for a day of tournaments, contests and raffles. We've teamed up with a number of partners to bring our fans more than $50,000 in prizes!" reads the Fan Day splash page. "Think you have what it takes for battle? We'll be giving 16 teams of five players the opportunity to play in the world's first Battlefield 4 tournament. Winners will go home with an AMD-powered system."

Oh yeah! Here's some of the event info:

16 Team Single Elimination BF4 Tournament
Multiple Free Play Tournaments throughout the day

Check out Battlefield 4 on one of our 100 machines

Check out AMD Partner booths (Gigabyte, MSI, Western Digital, Maingear, etc.)
Check out AMD Partner contests and raffles

Everyone has a chance to win prizes from AMD and its partners!

AMD FX 8350
MAINGEAR EPIC 120 liquid cooling
16 GB AMD Radeon DDR3-1866 Gaming Memory
XFX Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition Double Dissipation
250 GB Samsung EVO SSD
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
24X DVD Burner
750 W EVGA Power Supply
Windows 8 Pro

"Since registration is FREE, there is no need to register for the AMD EA Battlefield 4 Fan Day!" states AMD. "We recommend coming early for a chance to win one of 250 Never Settle Forever - Silver vouchers. These vouchers are good for two games. Doors open at 9:00AM! To win a Never Settle Forever - Silver voucher, attendees will need to roll a dice. If you roll a 5 or 6, you will win! The contest will remain open while supplies last."

For more information about the Battlefield 4 event, head here. The location of AMD's Fan Day is listed below:

San Jose Convention Center
150 W. San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA

  • vmem
    LOL, what do you do when the competition makes a big splash by capturing the performance crown back? PR CAMPAIGN!!!

    in all seriousness this looks like it'll be a fun and exciting time
  • scottoOH
  • scottoOH
  • scottoOH mention of Asus.
  • jkhoward
    I wish I could attend this.. ):
  • clonazepam
    They couldn't supply their own event with a newer R-series card? At least they are having an event though ;)
  • johnjohn67
    Hope they fix all the multiplayer glitches or that event is going to suck.
  • BulkZerker
    What multiplayer glitches are you speaking of? The ones that would effect a Pub/PUG game with a server more than 100m away from the group of computers playing within 30M of eachother? Because obviously LAN=/=Online