AMD Plans New FX Processors to Go Up Against Ivy Bridge

In the mainstream, AMD will be adding the FX-6130 to complement its the 6-core FX-6100 and FX-6200 with a 3.9 GHz/ 3.6 GHz version. In the entry level area, AMD is now listing the quad-core FX-4130 with 3.9 GHz/3.8 GHz. Both processors are 125 watt parts.

When released, AMD will be offering a total of eight 32 nm, Zambezi-based FX processors - three quad-core CPUs, three hexacore processors and two eight-core versions - spanning a packed price range from $115 to $245. We would expect AMD to adjust its processor pricing closer to the Ivy Bridge launch as well.

The new 4130 model could turn out to be a new budget model as it will only include half of the 8 MB L3 cache of all other FX CPUs.

  • ubercake
  • tbake
    exactly what i thought.
  • NightbladeXX
    what a misleading title
  • tolham
    they couldn't compete with sandy bridge, why even try to compete with ivy bridge? and i thought they were moving away from desktop processors to focus more on servers/mobile processors.
  • geekchaser
    Even as a AMD fan, all I can see is we'll see....... But prolly not
  • kawininjazx
    Maybe they can beat the i5 2500K by 2014.
  • synd
    At least with this series they might beat the good old i3-2100
  • borden5
    nothing new here unless they can pull miracle on next gen "komodo" which i doubt, but i'm just hoping they gave i5 at least a run for their money
  • Goldengoose
    See i think we all would like to see AMD pull something out of the bag to compete just so we had different options availible.

    Unfortunate it won't happen.
  • bjaminnyc
    This is kinda' like saying, Ford is releasing a new Focus to go against the Farrari 458 Italia.