AMD Updates Gaming Evolved With Highlight Reel Creator, Auto Replay Recording, Game Integration

AMD released a new version of its game optimization and clip sharing software, Gaming Evolved. The latest edition introduces some new and interesting gameplay recording features that should make it easier for you to share your favorite gaming moments. The software now integrates into League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to offer automated replay clip editing.

AMD said the current version of the Gaming Evolved client is designed to always be recording your gameplay in the background. This way, you’re always ready to capture an amazing moment while gaming. AMD said that the software automatically deletes old clips so it can continue to record after you’ve filled up your recording space. The company said you can configure a hotkey to mark notable moments in your gameplay, which will create a 30-second clip of the recent action. AMD said the software also will record your microphone, webcam and mouse clicks along with your gameplay.

“At AMD, we believe that every gamer will eventually be sharing video of their plays, whether recorded or livestreamed,” said Roy Taylor, Corporate Vice President of Alliances, Technology and VR at AMD. “The AMD Gaming Evolved client enables video capture with virtually no impact on system performance, and we’re excited to give gamers the tools to make sharing their best plays a seamless and fun experience.”

The Gaming Evolved client includes a video editor that will let you add clips together to make a video of your best moments. AMD said you simply select multiple clips to make a highlight reel.

If Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or League of Legends are your games of choice, then you don’t even have to worry about doing the editing, nor do you have to bookmark your own highlights. AMD said that the new version of Gaming Evolved integrates into both of these games, allowing you to play and let the software take over the rest. AMD said Gaming Evolved will “automatically create highlights of your kills, deaths, killstreaks, bomb plants, baron kills, etc; completely pre-edited.” (We recorded a clip to see how it works) The automated recording feature only works on CS:GO and LoL, but AMD said it is working to bring integration to more games in the future.

The company said that the clips you create with Gaming Evolved can then be shared through, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites “with a single click.”

The new Gaming Evolved client is available to try today. You can find the software on AMD’s website.

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  • ohim
    And after all this time Tom`s still can`t handle a proper way to have pictures shown besides doing tons of click`ing around.
  • gonzotgreat23
    I see all the pictures just fine.

    Heads up on the new recording software, it's turned on all the time by default. It recorded so much video on my first time after the update that I got the warning that my hard drive was going to run out of space.
  • FPisco
    This, this is gold! Just choose the space you want it to use and voilá. Finally we get some recording software from amd. I will test this. Very nice indeed.
  • DookieDraws
    I've already gotten on them about having a better way to display clicked-on images several times in the past. Surely, there's a much better way. Surely, certainly, positively, absolutely, without a doubt, there is.

    Now, what burns my biscuits is to go through all the trouble of clicking an image to see a much larger version, only to find it's the same size as one of my toenails! :P
  • knightmike
    Can it record an entire LoL game?
  • gggplaya
    I hope this works as well as shadowplay, which works flawlessly with a negligible performance hit because i record on my secondary tradtional hard drive instead of my main SSD which i'm running the game off of.
  • DookieDraws
    17681016 said:
    been testing it since 16.3 vulkan supported crimson driver so about 7 days and it works flawlessly and no performance drop at all actually I am on i7 4790k 16gb 2.66ghz ram samsung ssd and 2 tb 7200rpm record drive change default recording folders for external drive or something or u will get lag for the fact it will use your bandwidth on your ssd or hd to record while gaming so two different drives is IMPORTANT.

    You can say that again, D1v1n3D. :D
  • ScreaminHDD
    Is there a way to turn this off if you don't want it recording? Not sure if I like the idea about it being "always on" and filling my HDD with stuff to constantly clear out.