AMD Might Have More 280W EPYC CPUs In The Works

AMD EPYC Processor
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AMD's Product Master guide, which the chipmaker has since removed, has been a source of multiple nuggets. The rumor mill continues to spin as eagle-eyed leaker @KOMACHI_ENSAKA has spotted a few interesting unannounced EPYC, codenamed Rome, enterprise chips.

The EPYC 7H12 is the crown jewel of AMD's second-generation EPYC family of processors. The core-heavy 280W chip sports 64 cores, 128 threads and 256MB of L3 cache. It has a 2.6 GHz base clock and 3.3 GHz boost clock. 

Like the EPYC 7H12, the EPYC 7742 and 7702 have the exact number of cores and L3 cache. However, the two aforementioned chips run at lower clock speeds so they aren't exactly in the same 280W category as the EPYC 7H12. The latest sightings suggest that the EPYC 7H12 could have new company.

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ModelCores / ThreadsBase / Boost (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)TDP (W)1K Unit Price
EPYC 7H1264 / 1282.60 / 3.30256280?
EPYC 7R3264 / 128??280?
EPYC 7R2264 / 128??280?
EPYC 774264 / 1282.25 / 3.40256225$6,950
EPYC 770264 / 1282.00 / 3.35256200$6,450

*Specifications for the EPYC 7R32 and 7R22 are unconfirmed.

We don't expect every listed processor in AMD's document to make it to the market. But if the two mysterious EPYC do, AMD could market them as the EPYC 7R32 and 7R22. Apparently, both SKUs are rated with a 280W TDP (thermal design power). 

It's unlikely that the EPYC 7R32 and 7R22 will have more cores. Judging by the TDP alone, they will likely maintain the 64-core, 128-thread configuration. Perhaps, the pair of chips will have added features that the EPYC 7H12 currently doesn't possess. Then there's also the possibility that the EPYC 7R32 and 7R22 are tailored for a specific OEM so they might not be available in the general market.

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