Oracle, AMD Agree on GPU-Accelerated Java

Phil Rogers, AMD Corporate Fellow and president of the Heterogenous System Architecture (HAS) described "Project Sumatra", which will be led initially by Oracle's John Coomes, and said that the technology will be designed to work on discrete GPUs as well as heterogeneous CPU/GPU designs, such as AMD's APUs.

Oracle disclosed that it will be using its HotSpot JVM and the libraries from Java 8's Lambda project, which was published last year as a way to support Java programming in multicore environments. If a GPU is available in a system, Java code will be converted to OpenCL code and then run on the GPU. In a statement released to the press, Georges Saab, vice president of software development for the Java Platform Group at Oracle said: "We expect our work with AMD and other OpenJDK participants in Project 'Sumatra' will eventually help provide Java developers with the ability to quickly leverage GPU acceleration for better performance."

Sumatra may become available with the release of Java 8 in 2013.


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  • luciferano
    Java on GPUs... That could be incredible if Java was more secure.
  • Hiii
    I like the idea, and btw how much software is already running on java?
  • joytech22
    HiiiI like the idea, and btw how much software is already running on java?

    Well there's an entire MMORPG made for it (Runescape, worlds largest Java application I think?)
    A lot of things use java outside of the computer realm, devices of all kinds.

    It was surprising to learn that even my car radio uses java.