AMD schedules quad-cores for 2007

AMD is aiming to roll out a quad-core-capable processor family during 2007 and switch to an all-new processor architecture later this decade.

The quad-capable family will result in a wide range of four-core processors, including offerings for desktops, notebooks and one for servers that can fit into machines with as many as 32 processors, AMD executives said in a meeting for analysts.

Other than Intel, AMD currently does not provide many details about its upcoming processor plans. A general "2007" timeframe could mean that the company either could match Intel's quad-core schedule or miss it by as much as half a year. At this years Fall developer forum, Intel mentioned that the successor of the Xeon DP/MP processor (Paxville core), codenamed "Tulsa," will debut as dual-core chip during the second half of 2006. A quad-core version of Tulsa is expected in the first half of 2007.

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