Report: AMD to Launch Radeon HD 7950 on January 31

The 28 nm card will feature 1792 stream processors, down 256 from the 7970's 2048. The cards will arrive with a 384-bit memory bus and 3 GB of GDDR5 memory. Suggested retail prices will land between $400 and $450. The flagship model HD 7990 is still on track for a March 2012 release.

Nvidia is preparing for the release of its Kepler GPUs, including the GK107 for the entry-level market, the GK106 for the mid-range, the dual-GPU GK104 and the high-end GK112, as well as the GK104, which is expected to replace the GeForce GTX 560Ti. Kepler GPUs could be released at the beginning of Q2 and may be positioned to sail with the momentum of the introduction of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors.

AMD's HD 7990 is rumored to be equipped with two HD 7990 GPUs and a total of 6 GB memory and 4096 stream processors. The card is likely to be rather expensive and could be reminiscent of the outlandish graphics card prices in the first half of the last decade. Fudzilla wrote that HD 7990 cards will arrive with a suggested retail price of $849.

  • GO AMD!!!!!!
  • vaibhavdagar
    i found it very interesting that hd 7990 is equipped with two hd 7990(means quadfire).lolz.
  • Pyree
    ^that would be nice wouldn't it? Half price on 7990 (of course it is a typo).
  • thor220
    sounds great, would love to get one but when are they going to pick up optimizing there drivers for new games like skyrim?
  • Swolern
    Wow if the 7990 scales anywhere close to 7970 CF that is going to be one smoking card. Hopefully it will come down in price to @ $700-750 and i will be all over that S***! It might even make me leave Nvidia card, and thats hard to do.
  • pixelpojken
    So, when do we get reviews of 7950 and 7990?
  • Zeh
    At these price points, I'm not sure I'm interested in this generation. Perpahps when nVidia launches Kepler we'll see more reasonable pricing from AMD.
    Can't blame them for charging what the product is worth tho, even if it is a lot more than it costs.

    Hopefully this generation will drive the 6000 series prices down further. I can already see 6870s at a very nice pricing around here, even with the Dollar going up against BRL.
  • elect86
    Looking forward for a 7950..
  • rpgplayer
    I'm awaiting the release of the 7800 and 7700 series. This year promises to be interesting on a price/performance war once nvidia rolls out its new series.
  • memadmax
    Just in time for christmas >_>