AMD rolls out new mobile Athlons

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD today announced new processors for notebooks. The Mobile Athlon 64 processor 3400+ extends the product line on the top-end, the XP-M 2200+ allows AMD to enter the Tablet PC market.

The 32-/64-bit 3400+ is positioned as high-performing processor, offering more speed for high demanding applications such as games. As all AMD64 processors, the new chip also integrates "Enhanced Virus Protection" feature, which is also known as NX ("No Execution") or DEP ("Data Execution Prevention") and will supported by the Windows XP Service Pack 2 due later this summer.

AMD also announced availability of the Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2200+. The power saving chip allowed AMD for the first time to place a processor in a Tablet PC. This does not necessarily translate into huge unit numbers, but lends the chip more credibility when it comes to its power saving capabilities in this "ultra-portable segment".

All pricing is in 1,000-unit quantities. The Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ and the Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2200+ are available worldwide, according to AMD. Pricing 1,000-unit quantities is $432 and $97, respectively.