Lisa Su: You Will Definitely See More Threadrippers From Us

Tom's Hardware attended a press reception with AMD CEO Lisa Su directly after her keynote announcing the Third-Gen Ryzen processors and AMD's new Radeon RX5000 Navi graphics cards. During the conversation, Lisa Su reiterated AMD's commitment to its Threadripper platform, which recently went missing from the company's official roadmaps, as we reported here.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Su did not elaborate on the why the processors went missing from the roadmap, or when the company will bring the next-gen models to market, saying "I don't think that we ever said Threadripper was not going to continue, it somehow took on a life of its own on the internet. You will see more Threadrippers from us. You will definitely see more Threadrippers from us."

Su elaborated that AMD loves the high end desktop market, and said that the platform has done well for the company in content creation and workstation markets.

The story did take a life of its own. Tom's Hardware originally reported on the mysterious removal of the processor from AMD's roadmaps and pinged the company for an official comment, but did not receive one. Other outlets ran with the story, implying the processor was canceled. Luckily for the enthusiasts in the crowd, now we know that isn't the case.

Su did not present or mention any information about the next-gen Threadripper platform during her presentation. Su did state that the journalists in attendance might learn more about AMD's recent developments at E3 in ten days, stay tuned.

Paul Alcorn
Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech

Paul Alcorn is the Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech for Tom's Hardware US. He also writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage, and enterprise hardware.

  • rhysiam
    This is good news from Lisa. Not surprising either, as the IO die should address the NUMA issues that plagued the 2970WX & 2990WX under Windows.

    Even if the $499 12 core and future 16 core (@ ?? $699??) will take some of Threadripper's territory, there surely still is a genuine HEDT market that needs >16 cores, >64GB RAM with quad channel and >20 PCIe lanes. Threadripper, while niche, still has a place in the market.