X570 Motherboards from MSI, Asus and Colorful Revealed (Update)

Update 5/20/19, 9:20am PT: The box for ASRock's Taichi X570 motherboard has also leaked, showing little in the ways of aesthetics or specifications. The box reuses the same "Ryzen 3000 ready" logo we saw on BIOSTAR's boards and is the typical size we'd expect for a high-end motherboard. Given the appearance of retail packaging, it's highly likely the launch for Ryzen 3000 is imminent–perhaps even within the month.

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Original Article 5/17/19, 3:20pm PT:

With Computex quickly approaching, it's not entirely surprising to see so many leaks and announcements of motherboards using AMD's latest X570 enthusiast chipset for the mainstream Ryzen 3000 Series chips. Earlier this month, BIOSTAR became the first company to announce its X570 motherboards, and recently information has both been leaked and announced about upcoming boards from MSI, ASUS, and Colorful (which is mostly known for its Nvidia GPUs but also makes motherboards for Intel and AMD).

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VideoCardz leaked two of MSI's motherboards, the Gaming Plus and the Pro Carbon. They both feature similar VRMs, two M.2 slots for NVME and SATA SSDs, two full PCIe 4.0 slots, an 8+4 CPU power connector, and an active fan on the chipset. The Gaming Plus has six SATA ports while the Pro Carbon has five.

These motherboards are largely more of the same we've seen with previous AMD chipsets, but of note is the active cooling fan for the chipset, which was also seen on BIOSTAR's boards. Rumor is that the fan exists for RAID configurations using the two NVME slots, but that is not confirmed yet. It could also confirm our sources' reports that the PCIe 4.0 connections consume quite a bit more power than AMD's previous-generation chipsets, pushing the chipset power envelope up from ~8W to ~15W. As RAID tends to saturate the PCIe links fully, it could even be a combination of the two factors.

(Image credit: VideoCardz)

Colorful didn't make an X470 board this generation, but they did come back with an X570 leaked by WccfTech. The board is similar to the Gaming Plus from MSI but features one more PCIe slot. It also has an active cooling fan, which may indicate that this will be the norm and not an edge case for X570. Judging by the WccfTech image (which may be a render and not a real photograph), the board will also feature some decent RGB, which is crucial for increasing framerates.

Finally, ASUS teased a board on its Twitter account, though not very much was shown. This board might not actually be an X570 model, but since it has three full PCIe 4.0 slots, two M.2 slots, and four RAM slots, it's likely. ASUS only showed the bottom to middle area of the board, making it impossible to really determine whether or not the motherboard has a fan or how many SATA slots it has. It doesn't seem like there is enough room for a fan to exist next to the bottom M.2 slot, but we can't say for certain.

These boards, or some of them at least, are expected to debut at Computex alongside some sort of Ryzen-oriented event.

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