AMD AMA Points To Nearing GlobalFoundries 14 nm FinFET Polaris GPU

AMD’s Robert Hallock participated in an AMA on Reddit yesterday, and he gave some interesting details on the company’s upcoming products.

As the launch of AMD’s upcoming Polaris- and Zen-based products are still a ways off, Hallock was limited in the amount of information that he could disclose, but he was able to give us an update on the expected release dates for these components. Polaris is expected to launch first, sometime in mid 2016, with Zen following later this year.

With Zen, Hallock pointed out that AMD will be changing its processor release strategy. Starting with the Trinity APUs, AMD has been focused primarily on its APU products. Trinity used the Piledriver architecture, which was an updated form of Bulldozer, and subsequent FX CPUs used Piledriver as well. Since then, AMD has released APUs using several other architectures, including an improved Piledriver architecture (Richland), Steamroller (Kaveri) and Excavator (Carrizo), but it has not pushed a new core in the desktop FX product line.

When Zen comes, however, it will first be released in the FX product line starting sometime in late 2016. APUs using Zen will arrive later. Hallock also commented that all of the CPUs and GPUs coming from AMD in the near future will use GlobalFoundries 14 nm FinFET transistor technology, which in and of itself should help AMD to significantly improve its power consumption and performance and become more competitive against Intel and Nvidia in addition. That is, of course, in addition to whatever architectural enhancements AMD is able to make.

As the year rolls on, we should be seeing more about these upcoming products soon.

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  • Sowel Hung
    AMD has been releasing some quality APUs over the past 2 years. No longer are they releasing product just for the sake of releasing product. If AMD just moved their newest mainstream APUs and AM1 based APUs to a 14nm process, that in itself would be a very compelling product even without a new CPU core.

    I think the biggest risk ahead for next gen products is the GF 14nm process and not anything that has to do with AMD itself.
  • Kahless01
    they dont have to beat them, just make it interesting again.
  • IInuyasha74
    115752 said:
    they dont have to beat them, just make it interesting again.

    That is very true. They at least need to try and get up to Core i5 performance to do that though, otherwise are limited to a fairly small portion of the market and are still going to have problems.