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AMIDuOS Turns Two: Lollipop Support And A Price Change

AMI announced version 2.0 of its AMIDuOS software, bringing feature compatibility with the latest Android OS. AMIDuOS is software that runs Android in a virtual machine that can be used by consumers to run Android programs on a PC, or by programmers to develop and test apps.

AMI also shifted its pricing of these products in order to accommodate offering the older AMIDuOS V1.x software alongside the V2.0 software.

The primary features that version 2.0 offers are expanded support for Android 5.0.1 and 64-bit programs. Although the beta version released last month first demonstrated these functions, v2.0 can be seen as a more stable solution. It is also more feature complete, moving to Lollipop 5.0.1, rather than the Lollipop 5.0 version used in the beta.

The latest version is also compatible with the Android ART runtime environment and hosts new APIs for Bluetooth LE, multi-networking, NFC and other standards. These improvements, in addition to AMIDuOS's typical A/V sync improvements, graphics improvements and audio improvements, makes it an even better tool for testing and developing Android applications.

Realizing that devices utilizing the 32-bit Android 4.x are still widely used, AMI opted to continue to sell V1.x of AMIDuOS alongside the version 2.0 release. This gives users a greater range of options when it comes time to test their applications. If required, both versions of AMIDuOS can be installed on the system side-by-side without any conflicts.

For users who have been using AMIDuOS for a long time and now want to try version 2.0, there's no need to break out your wallet. AMI opted to give anyone who purchased AMIDuOS v1.x prior to August 7, 2015 a free copy of version 2.0. This offer is available indefinitely, and users who download the latest AMIDuOS can continue using their older version, as well.

If you purchased AMIDuOS between August 7 and today, however, then you will not be eligible for a free copy of AMIDuOS v2.0. In order to continue to offer both products, AMI will continue to sell V1.x for $10 as it always has, and offer V2.x for $15.

The latest AMIDuOS is available now.

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