The Amped Wireless REC22P Outlet Range Extender Won't Obstruct Your Outlet

During CES, Amped Wireless revealed the REC22P, a new outlet range extender that features a built-in outlet. Although this is a simple solution, it opens up a realm of possibilities. (This isn’t an earth-shattering concept, but it does get rid of a small nuisance.) This means that devices such as lamps, power strips, vacuums, etc. may be plugged into an otherwise impacted outlet.

There are two types of range extenders. There are traditional desktop range extenders, large devices that are powered via an AC adapter and placed on tables or desks, and there are also outlet range extenders that are plugged directly into a wall outlet, making them smaller and more discreet. The benefit of an outlet range extenders extends beyond (pun intended) just being small and unobtrusive. It allows users to place the range extenders in areas where a full-fledged desktop extender would be awkward. However, outlet range extenders bear the inherent inconvenience of taking up an outlet slot.

Amped Wireless REC22P

The Amped Wireless REC22P, which is powered by eight amplifiers and two high-gain antennas, provides AC1200 speeds, and eliminates dead spots throughout the home network. The REC22P also includes a single USB port for charging devices, eliminating the need for an outlet charger. While physically, the REC22P occupies space on an outlet, it does so without denying another device access to power. Because it includes both an outlet and a USB port, it provides the functionality of a range extender and a charger — two devices that would typically occupy two outlet spaces — without compromise.

The Amped Wireless REC22P Range Extender will be available in late February on Amped Wireless’s website and in physical and online stores in March. The REC22P will retail for $99.99.

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