ModMic 4.0 Maker, Antlion, Now Carrying Third-Party Audio Products

At TwitchCon 2015, Antlion Audio announced the next phase of its business. The company behind the ModMic 4.0 is now offering more than just its microphone accessory. The company has partnered with some quality headphone makers to offer everything you need to make the perfect headset to suit your budget. Antlion has made agreements with Audio Technica, Superlux and Hifiman to sell their products on its webstore alongside the four variants of its own microphone.

The three companies that Antlion has partnered with offer products in very different price ranges, so there should be something for everyone. Superlux has options in the more budget-oriented price range. The HD681, for example, is available for $49.95. Audio Technica's products are a little pricier. They start at $169 for the m50x in black or white, and there are a few other options leading up to the $349 R70x headphones.

Superlux HD681

For the discerning audiophile, Antlion has you covered by offering Hifiman products. Hifiman headphones start at $299 for the HE-400s and top out at $3,000 for the HE-1000 headphones, which offer 8 Hz to 65 KHz frequency response. In addition to the headphones, Antlion is also selling Hifiman amplifiers. The EF2A Tube Headphone amp is available for $169, and the EF100 Hybrid Tube/Digital amplifier is priced at $499.

Hifiman HE-1000

Antlion has not announced any pre-packaged bundles, nor does it appear there are any discounts applied when a ModMic 4.0 is purchased with a headset. The plan is about making it easy for ModMic customers to find a compatible, quality pair of headphones.

Antlion has a booth setup at TwitchCon this weekend with several of the headphones and its own ModMic 4.0 on display. Antlion's President and CEO, Jimmy Console, stated that a variety of other gaming related products will be announced through the weekend.

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