Apple Updating iMac on March 24?

With the revamp of its notebook line in October, the iPod in September and before that the iPhone in July, word on the street is the iMac will be next to take the spotlight. Users have been waiting for an update to the Apple desktop for a while and rumour has it Apple has scheduled an event for later this month.

The last couple of months have seen a huge onslaught of rumors about an update for the Mac Mini and the iMac, and now both World of Apple and My Apple Guide (uh?) say that a special Apple event to unveil new versions of both will take place on March 24 . Many expected to see something new at Macworld but Apple chose only to update the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The company was apparently stepping back from larger events (like Macworld) and instead focusing on releasing new products at their own events.

Of course there’s always talk about revamps and updates, no matter what time of year, but when we start to hear specific dates it’s usually pretty solid. Apple events rarely stay a secret for long and, while there’s little to go on for this one, we figure it’s only a matter of time before the invites get sent out.

Check out the original posts (with World of Apple citing “a source which has been confirmed to be in reach of such information” and My Apple Guide citing “several sources”) here and here.

We wonder how long it will take before people start to prattle on about whether or not Steve Jobs will make an appearance.

  • tayb
    Well they updated the notebook design to match the iMac with the aluminum and black bezel so if there is going to be an update I would think it would be a hardware update and not a major redesign.
  • falchard
    Hooray a new iteration of the iMac to laugh at. Unfortunetly, this one isn't big and clunky so its hard to think of another purpose for it aside from a giant paper weight.
  • Andres Arcesio Torres Cano
    Without fear of being ridiculed, is that Apple's flagship product, change and defined the work and design and editing, the machine that helped us overcome a render and not die in the attempt ( ).