Apple Doesn't Have to Say Sorry to Samsung Yet

This day last week, it emerged that aside from ruling in Samsung's favor in a patent dispute between Apple and the South Korean company, a UK judge had ordered Apple to publicly apologise to Samsung. British Judge Colin Birss last week ordered Apple to publish newspaper notices apologising to Samsung and admitting that the Korean company did not copy the iPad. Additionally, the apology was to appear on Apple's UK website, and stay there for six months.

The apology was supposed to undo any harm Apple's lawsuit may have done to Samsung's brand in the United Kingdom. However, it seems Samsung may have to wait a while for that apology. ITProPortal has revealed that a London court has ruled to stay the order issued by Judge Birss. According to the site, Apple's lawyers argued that the demand for an apology would essentially mean Apple advertising for Samsung. There will now be a full appeals process, which is set to kick off in October. 

Judge Birss was the same judge to rule in Samsung's favour earlier this month. Rather comically, the judge said that Samsung wasn't infringing upon Apple patents because the Galaxy Tab wasn't cool. So, while it's a win for Samsung, no doubt the company was a bit embarrassed by that comment.

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  • theconsolegamer
    I just patented the action of apologizing in text and verbally. I'm just waiting Apple.... I'm just waiting.
  • back_by_demand
    Apple already advertises for Samsung
    Everthing they make has Samsung componants in it
  • Soulmachiklamo
    How typical! They're just to stubborn to even apologise... But it is in some way advertisement for Samsung though... But even then, they're just too stubborn :D Apple & Patents, it'll never end.
  • NightLight
    the sIII knocks the socks out of the iphone, and they know it!
  • rantoc
    So the biggest crybaby of all the company's cry some more, for a situation they placed themselves in. Amazing! How about voiding all generic licenses from all company's and focus on real patents!?
  • del35
    Disgusting iCrap and the hordes of morons that enable it.
  • A Bad Day
    Too proud to apologize...
  • NuclearShadow
    Apologies from corporations are extremely rare unless it is part of PR. Just like the admittance of any guilt is the same way. How many times have we seen a corporation get caught red handed knowingly breaking a law or is dominated in a lawsuit and despite the obvious loss in court they make sure to announce that they still refuse to admit any guilt.
  • face-plants
    Apple has shown they can admit mistakes at least once recently by rejoining the EPEAT environmental testing agency and actually saying "we made a mistake" in a press release. This ridiculous feud they've started with Samsung sure seems like the perfect time for them to exercise their humbleness once more. If they're worried about free advertising for Samsung, why don't they just publicly apologize to the entire world for being a-holes so no particular company gets a free shout out. They should also apologize to the customers they hurt who couldn't buy the tablets and phones they wanted (Galaxy and Nexus products in various countries) because Apple got sales injunctions on them. The customers were probably the biggest losers in this whole deal since Apple and Samsung seem to be headed for a stalemate.
  • beayn
    Yeah, it's advertising, but they also made Microsoft advertise for competing web browsers...