Report: ASRock Revenue Surge Coming, Thanks to Bigger Bets on AMD

(Image credit: ASRock)

ASRock, one of the largest motherboard makers, has seen a 31.6% year-over-year surge in revenue, achieving a record-high of NT$13.415 billion (US$443.16 million), and that momentum is expected to grow this year, mostly thanks to motherboards with AMD chipsets representing a larger percentage of shipments, according to unnamed sources in a DigiTimes report today. 

ASRock saw stagnating motherboard and graphics cards sales in the first half of 2019. Q3 followed with higher average selling prices and more profitable products targeting servers. 

This reportedly resulted in a 35% sequential increase in revenues, which saw a record-high of NT$3.87 billion ($127 million) in Q4 2019. The company’s net earnings more than doubled on quarter (110% increase) to NT$208 million ($6.8 million).

With a greater focus on AMD-based products, the company’s revenue is expected to reach new heights in 2020, according to DigiTimes. The publication also attributed this anticipated boost to ASRock's graphics card sales turning profitable towards the end of 2019 and its U.S. and European markets growing. 

Lucian Armasu
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  • GustavoVanni
    The image in this article is from an ASUS motherboard, not AsRock...
  • Keng Yuan
    Market crashed $30,000 evaporated. coronovirus. Am gonna put together a PC with this Aqua board and play games to stay away from reality for 2 months and I don't even care how much the whole rig's gonna cost.
  • thew118
    Hopefully one or two of the other big companies will take notice and put out a micro ATX X570 motherboard. (Although it looks like Colorful released one recently. For a while it was just the ASRock model.)
  • joeblowsmynose
    GustavoVanni said:
    The image in this article is from an ASUS motherboard, not AsRock...

    Technically, ASRock is Asus. Asus spun them off as their "budget" brand initially - it grew from there, but is a subsidiary of Asus.