Gamers Stung by Ubisoft DRM Offered Free Stuff

There's been a number of problems surrounding Ubisoft's latest DRM scheme, which requires gamers to be online constantly in order to progress through even the single player mode.

Flaws in the system due to internet connection stability aside, Ubisoft's master servers also fell under attack, which prevented paying customers from playing their rightfully owned games.

Ubisoft is now trying to soften the hardships through freebies. The game company is notifying its customers: "Following the recent temporary game server outages which may have caused disruption to some Assassin's Creed 2 players on PC only, we would like to reward your patience if you have experienced any problems by offering you some additional content - previously only available with special editions."

That special content was previously exclusive to those who bought the Black Edition of Assassin's Creed 2. Now those who forked over the premium for the special edition aren't feeling so special anymore.

According to Bit-tech and Eurogamer, some gamers on the forums have even reported that Ubisoft is offering a free game for the troubles. Such games include Hawx, Heroes Over Europe, EndWar, Shaun White's Snowboarding and Prince of Persia.

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Sythix
    Lol, more fail.
  • el33t
    It's absolutely no use. The DRM is just unacceptable
    Ubisoft will understand this when they see their sales drop down steeply with their next big release.
  • maigo
    Oh boy! Free bad games!
  • z0d
    Could those freebies now have DRM protection as well?
  • dtm4trix
    there is no way in hell I would evar fork over my hard earned money for a game I can not play uninterrupted. Ubisoft wants us to give them our money for this shyte? While I don't agree with piracy, I don't agree with big corporations trying to pirate my money for half baked idea that they think would be acceptable to the consumer either./end rant
  • flea420
    It's really sad when DRM causes headaches for legit buyers and is not an issue at all for the Pirates.

    I thought game companys learned this years ago?
  • flea420
    Make a good game, people WILL buy it.
    Otherwise, you deserve to loose revenue and go bankrupt!
  • People need to STOP buying games that use these kinds of intrusive protection.
  • turtlespeed
    LOL. How can they 'soften' the pain if people can't play because their dsl is not up to it?! Some people live in areas where the dsl is not perfect..
    Did you thought about that mister/misses Ubisoft?!
  • False_Dmitry_II
    There's a reason I have the xbox 360 version of this game.