Asus Eee Keyboard Pushed Back to October

If it seems like you've been waiting an eternity for the Asus Eee keyboard to arrive, that's because it has been long overdue.

We first laid eyes on it in January at CES and we were impressed and looking forward to release. It was said to be hitting sometime in June, but that date came and went with a new August forecast in its place. Now that we're nearing the end of August, another new date is slipping into its place.

According to Digitimes, Asus is now expected to launch Eee keyboard as early as in October for around $400 to $500.

While such a device could do well during the holiday season, the long wait has taken some of the shine away from the device with its aging internals. Of course, if all the design kinks are worked out, hopefully we will see a Pine Trail Atom platform refresh by CES 2010.

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  • ubernoobie
    Atleast it looks cool with a touchscreen
  • dauthus
    Who is even in the market for a $400-500 keyboard? IMO, this ranks up there in overpriced useless peripherals with the killer K1 network card.
    Looks like a mac keyboard too with the anodized aluminum.
  • Anonymous
    You're paying a surplus solely because it's a newer design.
    I expect prices of this device to fall to $300 after a year or so...