New Asus motherboards combine regular phones and Skype

ASUSTeK has announced that analog phone to Skype adapters will be included with its M2N and P5B TeleSky motherboards. With the adapters, users can plug their analog phones into the Skype VoIP service and make cheap or even free calls to friends.

The adapters connect to the USB port on the motherboard and have two RJ-11 jacks which can connect to a house phone and a regular PSTN telephone line. Both regular and cordless phones are supported and Asus is throwing in 60 free SkypeOut minutes as well.

Skype is a very popular VoIP-like software with millions of users. The service allows people to make free computer to computer calls. A paid service called SkypeOut lets users call landline phone. Calls can even be made to other countries which normally costs a few cents a minute.

Asus hasn't released pricing information for the two motherboards and says the adapters will be included for a limited time.