Asus Intros Mini-ITX GTX 960, 4 GB GTX 750 Ti Strix

Recently, Nvidia released its GTX 960, and although Asus already had a 960-based card on the market, the company has also revealed a Mini-ITX variant of the card. Evidently, however, that isn't enough, because the company also officially revealed a 4 GB variant of the GTX 750 Ti Strix.

The Mini-ITX GTX 960 from Asus is almost no different from some of the past Mini-ITX graphics cards that the company has made; it features the exact same cooler, it has the same dimensions, and it also comes with the Super-Alloy power delivery circuitry. What is different, obviously, is the GPU, as this one carries a GM206 GPU with 1024 CUDA cores which is wired to 2 GB of GDDR5 memory through a 128-bit memory interface. The GPU runs at 1190 MHz base and can boost to 1253 MHz, while the memory runs at the reference 7.0 GHz.

The more interesting card here, however, is the 4 GB GTX 750 Ti Strix, because of how little sense it makes. The GTX 750 Ti isn't a bad chip by any means, but it isn't particularly powerful either. Therefore, strapping that GPU onto a very tough PCB design with a big cooler and twice the amount of memory that Nvidia specifies seems a little unnecessary. We're curious if it offers any tangible benefit, or whether it's just a glorified GTX 750 Ti.

Of course, this isn't a completely silent fan -- "0dB" just means that only turns on when it needs to. Considering that this chip's TDP is tiny, and the cooler is huge, chances are that the fans won't spin up very often. When running at its boost speed of 1202 MHz, it'll probably have to make a little noise.

At press time, Asus has yet to announce pricing and availability for both cards.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • Grognak
    Considering the 750 Ti can't do SLI, yeah, it's completely pointless. It struggles with low-med settings at 1080p on most recent games.
  • TechyInAZ
    lol, that overclock is pretty :(. I have a GTX 750 ti FTW and it has a lot higher overclock.
  • toddybody
    Hold one minute there...

    Y'all sure it isnt a GTX 750ti 3.5GB instead?
  • rigald
    4gb gtx 960 makes more sense
  • nightmare100
    Rofl @ toddybody. Rigald, you're absolutely right.
  • Larry Litmanen
    I just got GTX 960 from EVGA in i guess mini ITX size, it's about 6 inches and is actually smaller than older 9800 GT that i was replacing.

    I love these smaller cards, i have sizable midtower cases and they simply can not hold those huge 10+ inch cards.
  • thundervore
    750TI 4GB. This is laughable!!!!!
  • firefoxx04
    Sli support would be nice considering that's where higher vram cards shine.
  • MagusALL
    Would not the 4GB help with say a higher resolution panel granting that the user is not a gamer and therefore not needing the GPU itself to be powerful? If they are putting this one out there that perhaps does rendering of some sort but not needing to have an entire game being the end point of what it is being used for? I know some cards have had 4GB in the past and it a lot of that not being used I am sure there are some people who have the opposite problem and might think that card strikes the balance of what they would need in their rig.
  • Ravanofdarkness
    Rather have those 4GB on the Mini 960 then the 750Ti but that's just me.