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ATP Electronics Rolls Out New DDR4-2666 Server Memory

ATP Electronics announced the launch of its new low-power DDR4 memory for Intel’s Xeon Scalable processor platform and 8th generation (Coffee Lake) Core series processors.

ATP’s memory operates at DDR4-2666MHz and features kits up to 32GB for RDIMM (registered dual in-line memory). Unbuffered DDR4-2666MHz modules are also available in SODIMM and UDIMM (ECC and Non-ECC) kits up to 16GB.

Operating at just 1.2V, this memory features the lowest power consumption in the market today, the company stated, making it ideal for use in high-performance computing applications such as networking storage systems, network attached storage (NAS) servers, cloud servers, and industrial systems.

ATP uses 10-layer PCB in the construction of its memory modules and also adds an extra .03mm layer of gold plating to the 288 contact pins for added strength and better signal quality.

Pricing and availability were not available at the time of press. We have reached out to the company for more information.

RDIMM2666MT/s1.2V31.25mm0 - 85°C 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
ECC UDIMM2666MT/s1.2V31.25mm0 - 85°C 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
ECC SODIMM2666MT/s1.2V30mm0 - 85°C 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
UDIMM2666MT/s1.2V31.25mm0 - 85°C 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
SODIMM2666MT/s1.2V30mm0 - 85°C 4GB / 8GB / 16GB