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Audioshield VR Ditches Soundcloud For YouTube Streaming

Audioshield launched alongside the HTC Vive in April, and it quickly became a hit among VR early adopters. The concept of the game is simple: You play an audio file of your choice, and the game synchronizes itself to that song. The initial release of Audioshield included a small selection of pre-loaded tracks, the ability to stream music from Soundcloud, and the option to play local music files of any file type.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the selection of music available for Audioshield was limited, but most people have moved beyond downloading local music, so without access to one of the popular music streaming services, the track selection felt lackluster. Recently, the online streaming service through Soundcloud stopped working in Audioshield. We’re not sure if disabling Soundcloud was a deliberate move by the developer, but today’s update to the game replaced Soundcloud with YouTube Streaming support, which effectively renders your playlist options unlimited.

YouTube hosts official music videos from all of your favorite artists, not to mention a host of talented independent musicians that share their work on the video streaming platform. Audioshield now lets you search YouTube from inside the game, and it can synchronize with any video from the service.

In addition to YouTube integration, the latest update includes a new Casual difficulty setting, which the developer said is “the most relaxed” mode that you can pick. For those of you who prefer to test your skills on the Elite difficulty level, you can now throw a few uppercuts into the mix. The update also includes a new environment to play that game from, which features a giant video screen in an amphitheater.

The Audioshield update is already on Steam. If you have the game, it will update the next time you log in. If you don’t have the game, we think it’s well worth the $20 price tag.