Like Avexir's Tesla DDR4 RAM, But Don't Like Red? Try Green

Avexir partnered with Asus to create its first series of Tesla RAM modules, which are red and branded with the ROG emblem, but the company is now releasing a new line of Tesla DIMMs that are green.

The Tesla Green RAM looks rather similar to the Tesla Red DIMMs, except for the change in color and the lack of ROG emblems. The key aesthetic feature (the plasma tube on the top of each DIMM,) is still present but now emits green light. This give users who like the design with the plasma tube but don’t want to use ROG-branded red DIMMs another option.

Avexir said that Tesla Green DIMMs would be initially available in 2x4 GB kits operating at 2,666 MHz with timings of 15-15-15-35 and 1.2 V. Oddly, the RAM that was on display at Computex was a higher-end 4x4 GB kit operating at 3,000 MHz with CAS 16 and 1.35 V.

The company didn’t say how much the RAM will cost, but it will likely be priced similarly to the Tesla Red kits already on the market. That means the 2x4 GB kit will likely cost $115.99, and the 4x4 GB kit will cost $229.99. It should be available sometime in Q3 2016.

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