Backblaze 7.0 Lets You Keep Your Deleted Files Forever


(Image credit: Backblaze)


Backblaze, a U.S.-based cloud backup service for consumers and businesses, this week added Backblaze Cloud Backup 7.0. The new feature brings unlimited version history to the Backblaze Cloud Backup Service, including the ability to keep deleted files forever.

Standard subscriptions for Backblaze cost $6 per month or $60 per year, which buys you unlimited data backup for once computer and the 30-day version history.

Backblaze 7.0 offers two options for extending version history: one year or forever.  Adding a one-year version history will add an extra $2 per month to your Backblaze Cloud Backup Service bill. For the forever option, you’ll pay the same $2 extra per month, plus $0.005 per gigabyte of data per month for versions that were deleted more than one year ago.

(Image credit: Backblaze)


Adding the Backblaze 7.0 to the service means users can go beyond the 30-day version history limitation. In addition to losing older files, it’s now less necessary for people with backup external drives to plug in their drive every 30 days to ensure the backup of their external drives weren’t deleted. 

Other changes to Backblaze with the release of Backblaze 7.0 include support for Microsoft Office 365 in Backblaze groups and the ability to log in with your Office 365 credentials. There are also a couple of interface changes related to the increased date selection possibilities that pair with the longer version history feature: there’s now a date picker instead of the selection tool that scrolled indefinitely.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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