Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR4 Gaming Memory Modules Go RGB

Ballistix announced new Tactical Tracer DDR4 RGB gaming memory modules. Previously only available in DDR3, these new DDR4 memory modules feature speeds starting at 2,666 MTps, up from the 1,600 MTps of the previous generation Tactical Tracer memory kits. In addition to the RGB lighting, users get all the features found in the Tactical series, including XMP profiles, black PCB, and customizable heat spreaders.

Not only does the RGB lighting allow you to tailor the look of your memory to your system's unique color scheme, it also allows you to monitor memory temperatures in real time if you so desire. All RGB features are controlled through the Ballistix M.O.D. (Memory Overview Display) software.

One of the more novel aspects of the Tactical Tracer memory modules is the addition of a removable top bar that can be customized using 3D printed options. Design files for your 3D printer are available on the company website.

Given the fact that Ballistix's Tactical Tracer DDR4 RGB gaming memory modules are basically an RGB version of the company's Tactical DDR4 line of memory, it’s probably safe to assume that timings and other specs will fall into the same range as well. Both feature 2,666 MTps starting frequencies, with available CAS latencies of 15 and 16 and modules that are rated 1.20V. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait to see if we can get more information at Computex.

Although pricing information is currently unavailable, Ballistix said the Tactical Tracer DDR4 RGB modules will be available in Q3. All Ballistix memory is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Nintendork
    YAY RGB, let me kiss a baby duck.
  • Virtual_Singularity
    Maybe some day, useless, tacky, painful to look at RGB lighting will simply be included on all sorts of other crap no one would've ever wanted it on also. Embedded without an option to turn it off without going to great pains & voiding warranties! Heh.
  • coolvoodoo
    That picture is of the DDR3 Tactical Tracers, which had red and green or blue and orange LEDs, not RGB LEDs. Do the new DDR4 Tactical Tracers require additional power cables?