Fight In Gallipoli And The North Sea In Upcoming 'Battlefield 1' Expansion

The end of the year will bring a brand new expansion to Battlefield 1 players. DICE revealed more information about “Turning Tides,” which includes new maps, weapons, and a playable class. It also features another game mode, which is a variant of the traditional Conquest gameplay.

Content for the expansion is spread out between December 2017 and January 2018. The first wave of “Turning Tides” will feature two maps — Cape Helles and Achi Baba — in the Gallipoli peninsula. You can try these locations in a new Operation match where you’ll attack or defend objective points across multiple rounds.

The maps will also feature naval battles, which means that you can control the L-Class Destroyer. It has four player slots, and you can use cannons, torpedoes, and mines to destroy ships, aircraft, and infantry units from a distance. There’s also a new aerial vehicle available, the C-Class Airship, which seats three players and a pilot. When you’re not fighting in vehicles, you can try the new Infiltrator Elite class, which can sprint faster and features multiple abilities, such as calling in artillery strikes or deploying a mobile spawn point. The launch in December also includes new weapons to use in combat, which you can see for yourself on the list below.

FirearmsM1917 Trench CarbineMaschinenpistoleM1912/P.16Farquhar-HillM1917 MGCarcano M91 CarbineType 38 ArisakaMelee WeaponsNaval CutlassGrappling Hook

The January portion of “Turning Tides” will add two more maps, Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge, which are based on the North Sea area. Just like the “In the Name of the Tsar” expansion, “Turning Tides” also features a new faction. As a member of the Royal Marines, you’ll wear the signature blue uniform of British naval troops when charging into battle.

Additional content in the expansion includes new specialization options, challenges (a.k.a. Service Assignments), and collectible items. If you own the Premium Pass or the Revolution version of Battlefield 1, the expansion will be available for free. Previous Battlefield 1 expansions were available as a standalone purchase for $15, so it’s a safe bet that “Turning Tides” will follow the same path.

“Turning Tides” is the third of four planned expansions for Battlefield 1. The fourth installment, titled “Apocalypse,” is not yet available, but we do know that it’s coming sometime in early 2018 and includes “the most infamous battles of WWI.”

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