Be Quiet Releases Three New CPU Coolers: Dark Rock Pro 3

The Dark Rock Pro 3 boasts wave-contoured aluminum fins to minimize turbulence and improve convective cooling, as well as seven 6 mm heat pipes and a base plate with an extra aluminum heat sink. Be Quiet says that combined with the Silent Wings PWM fans in 120 and 135 mm flavors, the Dark Rock Pro 3 boasts a cooling capacity of 250 watts TDP with maximum noise levels of 26.1 decibels.

The Dark Rock 3 now also packs the same wave-contoured edges on its fins along with six 6 mm heat pipes and a Silent Wings PWM fan for dissipation up to 190 watts with maximum noise levels of 21.1 decibels.

Lastly, there's the Shadow Rock Slim, which Be Quiet is pitching as a space saver. This is a single tower cooler with six heat pipes, aluminum fins and a 135 mm Be Quiet fan. Cooling capacity is 160 watts and max noise is 23.7 decibels.

Pricing for these three is $89 for the Dark Rock Pro 3, $69 for the Dark Rock 3, and $45.90 for the Shadow Rock Slim. Al three are available now and are compatible with current Intel and AMD sockets.

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  • Dragoic
    Neat. I got a Dark Rock Pro 2 and i love it. The only thing i sort of had hoped they would change was the "Be Quiet" logo on the top, So you would be able to rotate it, Cases with side window and does not have their MOBO turned 90* (Like Silverstone Raven) looks odd with the Be Quiet logo placed vertical
  • lazykoala
    Love the way these look and always wanted to get the pro 2, but it wasn't widely available at the time. Hope the pro 3 is more widely distributed and I will definitely get one.
  • vmem
    Problem is Price. Be Quiet has released many "pretty good" coolers in the past, but they typically end up not as good as Noctua or Phantek coolers for the same price :(
  • west7
    this cooler looks awsome i wish it will be some reviews soon
  • Calculatron
    NCIX had some good sales of Be Quiet! cooling solutions back in early December. I managed to snag the Shadow Rock 2 for $35 bucks.I like it a lot, although its installation definitely took a double-check of the instructions to figure it out. It's not an easy install, but it allows for consistency and provides a good even pressure.The only downside to the thing is that it is pretty huge, especially for the performance it offers. The fan that comes in the package is of excellent quality, though.I look forward to this next generation.