Be quiet!'s Pure Rock Slim Is A Compact Pure Rock

Big CPU coolers are great, but not every case has room for one. Some manufacturers will build smaller CPU coolers with entirely different designs from their larger series, but be quiet! simply took the Pure Rock and aimed a shrink ray at it to create the Pure Rock Slim.

The new CPU cooler’s weight loss program turned it into a 124.8 mm tall unit (down from 155 mm) and shrunk the fan size to 92 mm. Its weight dropped to 360 grams (from 660 grams), and it now has only three 6 mm heatpipes that deliver heat to a total of 33 aluminum fins. The fin stack itself is shifted back slightly in order to bring the fan closer to the center of the cooler, maintaining RAM compatibility despite the lowered height.

The 92 mm SilentWings fan that comes on the unit will spin at up to 2,000 RPM with PWM control, pushing 35.13 CFM of air, creating 1.67 mm of air pressure, and making up to 25.4 dBA of noise. At 50% duty, the fan will produce only 13.1 dBA.

Despite these sacrifices, the TDP that the Pure Rock Slim can handle dropped by only 30 W, landing at 120 W. Naturally, bigger, high-end CPU coolers will dwarf the Pure Rock Slim, but 120 W is more than enough for most applications; CPUs are more efficient than they used to be and therefore produce much less heat in need of dissipation.

In the box you'll find mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD platforms. Be quiet! said that the Pure Rock Slim is available today for $24.90.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.