BenQ Unleashes 3 New Monitors with RevolutionEyes Tech

Last week, BenQ America Corp. introduced the addition of three new GW and GL Series mainstream monitors: the 27-inch GL2760H, the 24-inch GL2460HM and the 27-inch GW2760HS. All three feature the company's RevolutionEyes, ZeroFlicker and Low Blue Light technologies for "enhanced" visual comfort.

"Our new G Series monitors are prime examples of BenQ's value on innovation," said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. "We now offer users the best viewing experience for peak performance in any application and across our entire monitor lines."

All three monitors feature high gloss frames, "curvaceous" stands, and extremely slim bezels, making them ideal for any home or office theme. The GL2460HM and GL2760H provide dynamic contrast ratios of 12M:1 and 2ms GTG response times, whereas the GW2760HS monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20M:1 and a response time of 4ms GTG.

As for the RevolutionEyes technology, the company's PR says that this tech "brings exceptional monitor performance and better visual comfort." With ZeroFlicker, the monitors eliminate backlight flickering at all brightness levels so that owners can spend more time in front of the screen.

These three new monitors also feature Senseye technology, which provides preset calibration settings including "Low Blue Light" mode. This mode reduces blue spectrum light to protect your eyes using specific settings designed for multimedia, web surfing, office, and onscreen reading. The monitors also have a SmartEco mode that promises up to 44 percent in energy savings.

On a hardware level, the GL2460HM and GW2760HS monitors sport a pair of 1-watt speakers. However, all three also include HDMI inputs and D-Sub/DVI ports. There's even an OSD menu with a controller that can be shoved to the back of the screen to keep them hidden.

Available in early April, BenQ's new GL2460HM, GL2760H, and GW2760HS monitors will retail at $249, $379, and $399, respectively.

  • crusader-kenned
    But no G-sync?
  • doomtomb
    "sport a pair of 1-watt speakers"

    Why bother? Just no.

    I WANT MY 16:10 BACK
  • tom10167
    f.lux is a free program that does, for anyone experiencing discomfort.
  • Morbus
    I make it a principle not to buy screens with built-in speakers.

    Unless they are CONSIDERABLY cheaper than similar screens without speakers.
  • soldier44
    More 1080p crap and too small. 30 inches 2560 x 1600 or 4K or nothing.
  • edogawa
    These monitors sound okay, but for mainstream they seem a bit too expensive.

    I don't think the other commentators read the article either. These are not gaming monitors, but for mainstream users who don't need more than 1080P, G-sync, 120/144hz, and the speaker is a good cheap solution if you're just watching videos online.

    Like I said though it's a bit pricey, they could have included a higher refresh rate at those prices considering even on the desktop it feels better.
  • archert24
    There is no mention of resolution in this article.
  • rwinches
    Of course the GL2460HM, GL2760H are TN panel displays and fine for gaming.
    The GW2760HS has a VA panel so not as much.

    For you Reference:

    @archert24 click on the links in the first paragraph.
  • shriganesh
    TN panels can go fish! IPS or nothing for me. No matter how many marketing words a display maker throws at me, I won't be sold until the display is at least a VA (IPS preferred though)
  • elexor
    I wish benq would start pushing past 144hz with displayport, Is displayport capable of those kind of refreshrates?