Biostar Returns To GPU Market With GTX 950

Biostar has reemerged in the mainstream GPU market, this time with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 950, targeting the 1080p budget gamer with its latest endeavor in the graphics card arena.

A graphics card from Biostar is not something you would expect to see (being that it primarily manufactures motherboards), but the company has been making select low-mid tier GPUs for some time now. This latest offering mirrors that of a few months ago, when the company released a version of the GTX 750 Ti, so it makes perfect sense that Biostar would try its hand at releasing a version of the GTX 750 Ti's successor.

This new GPU has a base clock of 1026 MHz and a 1190 MHz boost clock. The 2 GB of GDDR5 runs over a 128-bit memory bus at 6610 MHz. As far as GTX 950s go, Biostar's VN9505XPX1 reference core clock speeds are slow when compared to the likes of the Asus GTX 950 Strix or Gigabyte's GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming graphics cards.

However, we don't think Biostar is trying to compete with these options, despite the massive fans and gamer-friendly shroud. But it's not like the GPU is any less of a GTX 950 than its competition. There are two DVI outputs, a DisplayPort and an HDMI port for support for up to four displays; it has 768 second-generation Maxwell CUDA cores; and it has full DirectX 12 support.

Similar to its motherboard business, Biostar seems to be offering a budget-oriented counterpart to the massively overclocked variants that seem to be permeating the market. Hopefully, that will translate to a lower price tag for a GTX 950, but Biostar hasn't revealed any pricing information yet. However, one could surmise that if it's from Biostar, you can expect to pay less.

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  • thor220
    That looks comically chintzy.
  • gilbadon
    Thumbs up of you have NEVER bought a Biostar product before.
    I am wondering if it is just coincidence for me.
  • cookepuss
    I'm not 100% bothered by the fact that I've never heard of Biostar before. They don't have to put in that much effort to stick to the reference design. That's not my concern. I'm more bothered by the price to power ratio.

    The MSRP for this thing is $199, which is just stupid. You might as well pick up a proper 960 for that. Plus, for 30 less ($169), you can score the Zotac GTX 950 AMP! edition. The Amp looks like a shorter card at only 8.19", which makes it perfect for mATX mobos. Speed-wise, the Amp is factory overclocked at 1253-mhz (superclocked at 1405-mhz.) It's also crazy quiet too, even at full load.

    I've got the Zotac GTX 950 AMP!. It's a sweet card. Definitely a steal. Before that, I was using the GTX 745 (oem), which is shockingly not terrible. With the older 745, you can play modern games like Witcher 3 on it with only a few tweaks. Games like Dying Light played great at high setting at 1080p on that gtx745. The Zotac, however is another creature. It's easily 2.5x as powerful.

    No sense in going for the Biostar when it's more expensive and less powerful. Right now, if you're looking for a 950 then the Zotac GTX 950 Amp! is a much better deal. Unless you absolutely MUST play every game at 4x and ultra settings, this is really a great card for 1080p gaming. It's not just a MOBA card like NVIDIA would have you believe.